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Please click relevant headers below to seek more information on ITRA-HuSim Request For Proposals (RFP):

1. Important Dates:

  • Request For Proposals (RFP) Release Date: Mar 3, 2015;
  • Deadline for Submission of Expression of Interest (EoI): Apr 19, 2015, 23.59.59 Hr (IST)
  • Deadline for submission of Full Proposal (First Draft): June 21, 2015, 23.59.59 Hr (IST) 
  • Deadline for submission of Full Proposal (Second Draft): Sep 7, 2015, 23.59.59 Hr (IST) 
  • Full Proposal Development Meeting: Sep 19-20, 2015 
  • Deadline for submission of Full Proposal (Final Version): Oct 18, 2015, 16.59.59 Hr (IST) new_blink

2. Download RFP Document

3. Stage 1: Expression of Interest (EOI) – Deadline Over

4. Stage 2: Full Proposal (draft)

Please keep the following points in mind while developing your full proposal:

  1. Full proposals will be rigorously reviewed, and that would be your team’s next major step for being selected for ITRA-HuSim.
  2. Also attached is a list of grades/comments given by the reviewers to your EoI in various review categories.
  3. We advise you to start developing an outline of your full proposal taking into account these evaluations.
  4. A template for submitting the full proposal will be made available on the ITRA website. We advise that you populate each section of this template with lists of content items – bullets that you will be gradually expanding into the corresponding Full Proposal section.
  5. You are strongly encouraged to involve your mentor experts from this project formulation stage itself, since they may also be helping you throughout the execution of the project. Share your EoI assessments and work with them from the current stage of creating lists of content items.
  6. The review panel noted duplication among some EoIs, and felt that the plans of these EoI could be reworked to optimally enhance their scopes. For each cluster of EoIs with mutual redundancies, we have requested experts in the cluster’s theme area to work with the EoI teams to optimally modify their EoI outlines. The objective would be to have ideal independence and complementarity among the work plans of different EoIs, so as to maximize the quality and quantity of their individual as well as collective activities and outputs. If your EoI falls in this category, we will be following up with the names of the experts who will work with you.
  7. We may be making your EoIs available to a list of other experts too, who you could also contact for advice as you develop your full proposals. Please contact us about the details of such experts if you have not heard from us.
  8. We will be soliciting two mid-course daft proposals from you.
    1. The 1st draft proposal will be an expansion of your accepted EoI outline, after it has been reworked, if so needed in your case. This expansion would add more details (sub-items) to the original bullet items. This 1st draft is due on June 21 (To be sent via email to You may receive feedback from experts on your modifications.
    2. In the 2nd draft proposal, you will use the feedback you receive to revise the set of bullet and sub-bullet items, and then replace each with continuous text. This 2nd draft proposal is due on July 5.  Again, this draft will be made available to the experts.
  9. On July 12-13, 2015, we plan to conduct a Full Proposal Development Workshop in New Delhi. We will be expecting your entire team to be present there, including the experts. Please plan your travel accordingly. The details of participation by your team and logistics for the workshop will follow. We will let you know how many of your team members we will be able to reimburse airfare for.
  10. At the workshop, you will be presenting your draft proposal and discussing any remaining issues with all the experts present, and obtaining their collective feedback for a final round of desired changes.

The final proposals will be due on July 27, 2015. (Thus, the intent is that you come to the workshop with a nearly final proposal, and use the feedback from the workshop only for refining it.)


5. Full Proposal Development Workshop, Sep 18-20, 2015, IIIT Delhi

6. Final Submission of Full Proposal – Deadline: 5 PM (IST), Oct 18, 2015

Deadline: 5 PM (IST), Oct 18, 2015  important-tag-60x35

Submission Link: Click Here

Manual for Full Proposal Submission: Click Here


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q.           How do I submit the first draft of the full proposal?

Please send the draft of the full proposal via email in .doc/.docx/.pdf formats to itra[DOT]husim[AT]gmail[DOT]com

Q             Should all the team members be present for the full proposal development meeting?

No, ITRA expects only one or two people representing their team to take part in the meeting.

Q.            Is it mandatory to have a second lead institution?

No, having a second lead institution is OPTIONAL.


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  • In case of any problem, email us at itra[DOT]husim[AT]gmail[DOT]com (Kindly, always refer to your ‘Proposal Title’ in the email)