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8-Week Training Workshop

8-Week Training Workshop  to be organized by Information Technology Research Academy (ITRA), New Delhi   The objective of this Certification training program aimed for selected members of ITRA prototype development teams to  well understand: What it takes to commercialize, How to initiate a startup or technology transfer process, with a focus on their specific technology. Training Workshop and Showcase – Basic Info gives an… Read More

ITRA Technology Showcase

ITRA Technology Showcase to be organized by Information Technology Research Academy (ITRA), New Delhi July 23, 2019 The objective of this workshop is to prepare the ITRA project team members to take their technologies to the users, by converting them into products/services, by forming startups or by transferring the technologies to an existing industry. We need your participation related info;… Read More

ITRA-Ag&Food Technology Prototypes

    ITRA-Ag&Food  (Projects Initiated in 2016) 1 Image IDGP: Image Based Systems for Identification of Individuals, Breeds and Diseases of Pigs and Goats Large population groups of pigs and goats of North Eastern region are having high chances of surreptitious depletion and are yet to be characterized and documented. To provide secure animal identification, an image based IT solution… Read More

Prof. Narendra Ahuja, Director, ITRA conferred with an Honorary Doctorate by YORK UNIVERSITY, UK

Prof. Narendra Ahuja, Director, ITRA has been conferred with an Honorary Doctorate by YORK UNIVERSITY, UK. The University of York confers the honorary degree of Doctor of the University honoris causa on individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the society. Prof. Ahuja is one of the thirteen eminent recipients of 2018 honorary degrees, which were awarded as part of the University’s… Read More

Workshop on “Managing Uncertainty in Health Informatics – A Data-driven Approach” under Remote Health Project during 31st July – 4th August 2018

Managing Uncertainty in Health Informatics – A Data-driven Approach 31st July – 4th August 2018 Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur Remote Health project under ITRA-Mobile is going to organize a workshop on “Managing Uncertainty in Health Informatics – A Data-driven Approach“. A Framework for Healthcare Services using Mobile and Sensor-Cloud Technologies” during 31st July – 4th August 2018.… Read More

ITRA-WATER Technology Prototypes

 ITRA-Water (Projects Initiated in 2014)   Shunya Innovations: Drinking Water Quality Monitoring for Households A system for sensing and wirelessly disseminating consumer water quality (contamination) information in large urban water distribution networks. This technology enables remote monitoring of quality of water in a region of interest through a variety of distributed sensors. It includes a decision support system for continuous… Read More

ITRA-Mobile Technology Prototypes

   ITRA-Mobile (Projects Initiated in 2014)  1. Salcit Technologies: Digital Health Advisory System (DHAS) for Respiratory Diseases A web based cough analysis tool for lab free monitoring of respiratory diseases such as Asthma, Tuberculosis and Pneumonia with an in-built automatic cough, wheeze analysis and with an ability to generate early diagnosis report or patient recovery report which can be used… Read More


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UG & PG Internships

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Research Internships To enlarge the R&D base, ITRA plans to attract deserving undergraduate/master’s students early on, i.e. while they are in the midst of their study programs (2nd year onwards for UGs and 1st year onwards for MS). They will be given an opportunity to be involved in ITRA projects, and thus be exposed to the project’s… Read More


>>> Dr. Siddhartha Kundu, Senior Level Consultant, ITRA-HuSim Email:

Interdisciplinary Collaboration Award Grant

To recognizecross-fertilization achievementsbetween IT institutions and X (domain specific) institutions in a team, leading to major interdisciplinary advances in IT-in-X research projects. The award will have 2 levels – Exemplary and Outstanding. The award will consist of a grant, in the amount of: For Exemplary level: 6 L (i.e., 3 L/institution) For Outstanding level: 3L (i.e., 1.5 L/institution)

Partnership Award Grant

To recognize a particularly important aspect of ITRA architecture – Partnering Institutions (PINs) in a pyralet advancing their quality with the help of their Lead Institution (LIN). It highlights the high level of importance ITRA associates with inter-institutional collaboration. Award worthy work will be assigned one of two levels – Exemplary and Outstanding. The award will consist of a grant,… Read More

Team Achievement Award Grant

To recognizeperformance of an ITRA team with respect to each of the four ITRA quality metrics (Research, Impact on Curriculum, Societal Sensitivity Development and Outreach) The award will be in three categories, each for award worthy performance with respectto the following groupings of ITRA performance metrics: (i) Research, (ii) Curricular Impact, and (iii) Societal Sensitivity Development and Outreach(combined). Award worthy… Read More

Foresight Award Grant

To encourage potential ITRA teams to be ambitious and come up with bold new ideas as a part of planning for ITRA project activities, particularly for addressing India specific problems. Accordingly, ITRA project proposals will be recognized for innovative, out-of-the-box content. The award will consist of a grant in the amount of Rs. 10 L

PhD Dissertation Award

To recognize high quality of PhD thesis of students in ITRA teams, in which the individual contributions made in different parts have high coherence and integrative value.PhD theses will be evaluated for quality and impact and those theses meeting a quality threshold will be given the award. This award will be given annually.The award will consist of a citation and… Read More

PhD Research Awards

To help continuously enhance the quality of PhD research, ITRA will recognize good work done by PhD students annually. The research performance of each student will be evaluated and assigned a performance grade at the end of eachyear, by a panel comprising mainly of technical experts. Awards will be given annually. Award worthy work will be assigned one of two… Read More


Faculty leadership is central to the success of the ITRA projects. Team awards are aimed at recognizing the leadership of PIs, Co-PIs and other senior personnel for the collaborative achievements made by their  teams. There are four types of Team Award Grants: 1. Foresight Award Grant 2. Team Achievement Award Grant 3. Partnership Award Grant 4. Interdisciplinary Collaboration Award Grant… Read More


There are two types of Student Awards: 1. PhD Research Award 2. PhD Dissertation Award General Guidelines 1. All awards are planned to be given at the end of a year, based on the performance during the year, applicable to only the following, one year. 2. The awards will be given to individual Students of ITRA Institutions. 3. The awards… Read More


ITRA projects are fundamentally team oriented. Teamwork needs particularly strong attention in Indian academia and research institutions. The awards below are linked to the performance of the ITRA teams (including student researchers) with respect to the fundamental objectives of ITRA. General Guidelines 1. All awards are planned to be given at the end of a year, based on the performance… Read More

Quarterly Reports

PIs are requested to submitted quarterly report in PDF format. Please download and fill the PDF form and upload it. Instructions: Please rename PDF to <Research Area>-<ProjectName>-<Month of Submission>-<Year of Submission>. For example, for GridSense project submitting report in October 2014, the name of PDF would be Water-GridSense-10-2014.pdf. The reports are not to be signed. On last page, please enter… Read More

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Contact Us

Email: For any website related issues For ITRA related queries

Contact | Ag&Food

>>> Dr. A Bandyopadhyay, Senior Consultant, ITRA-Ag&Food abandyo[AT]gmail[DOT]com

Contact | ITRA-Mobile

>>>> Senior Consultants / Program Director Prof Sumit Roy, Senior Consultant, ITRA-Mobile Dr. Rajeev Shorey, Senior Consultant, ITRA-Mobile itra[DOT]fa[DOT]mobile[AT]gmail[DOT]com

Contact | ITRA-Water

>>>> Dr. Arun Pande, Senior Level Consultant, ITRA – Water  

Performance of Spectrum Sharing Protocol for Uplink Transmissions in Cellular Communications with Relays

Presented at IEEE VTC Authors: Dileep Kumar Verma, Shankar Prakriya Abstract—In this paper, we consider a cellular communication system with half-duplex regenerative relays, and propose a dynamic spectrum access (DSA)-based protocol for simultaneous uplink transmission in the same frequency band as the downlink transmission. The proposed protocol facilitates better frequency utilization. In this protocol, relay selection is employed for the… Read More

Outage Performance of Dynamic Spectrum Access Systems with Energy Harvesting Transmitters

Presented at IEEE PIMRC Authors: Komal Janghel, Shankar Prakriya Abstract—We consider a two-hop primary network with a multi-antenna primary base-station (PBS) communicating to its distant primary receiver (PR) through a relay, and a secondary network with one of several energy harvesting secondary trans- mitters (STs) communicating to the secondary base-station (SBS). In this paper we propose a novel framework where the… Read More

Energy efficient random access with delay constraints

Presented at Conference: IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory (ISIT), June 29 – July 4, Honolulu, HI, USA Authors: S. Sreekumar, S R B Pillai, B K Dey Abstract—We consider a multiple access system (MAC) with bursty arrivals. The transmissions are grouped into slots and the users are frame-synchronized. At the start of each time slot, variable sized packets independently arrive… Read More

The Oblivious Transfer Capacity of the Wiretapped Binary Erasure Channel

Presented at Conference: IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory (ISIT), June 29 – July 4, Honolulu, HI, USA Authors: M. Mishra, B. K. Dey, V. Prabhakaran, S. Diggavi Abstract—We consider oblivious transfer between Alice and Bob in the presence of an eavesdropper Eve when there is a broadcast channel from Alice to Bob and Eve. In addition to the secrecy constraints… Read More

Writing on a Dirty Paper in the presence of Jamming

Presented at Conference: IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory (ISIT), June 29 – July 4, Honolulu, HI, USA Authors: A. Budkuley, B. K. Dey, V. Prabhakaran Abstract—In this paper, the problem of writing on a dirty paper in the presence of jamming is examined. We consider an AWGN channel with an additive white Gaussian state and an additive adversarial jammer. The… Read More

Correlated Jamming in a Joint Source Channel Communication System

Presented at Conference: IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory (ISIT), June 29 – July 4, Honolulu, HI, USA Authors: A. Budkuley, B. K. Dey, V. Prabhakaran Abstract—We study correlated jamming in joint source- channel communication systems. An i.i.d. source is to be communicated over a memoryless channel in the presence of a correlated jammer with non-causal knowledge of user transmission. This… Read More

NILMTK: An Open Source Toolkit for Non-intrusive Load Monitoring

Presented at Conference: ACM eEnergy, June 11 – 13, Cambridge, UK Authors: Nipun Batra (IIIT Delhi); Jack Kelly (Imperial College, London); Oliver Parson (University of Southampton); Haimonti Dutta (Columbia University); William Knottenbelt (Imperial College, London); Alex Rogers (University of Southampton); Amarjeet Singh (IIIT Delhi); Mani Srivastava (UCLA)

Human Sense

Towards context aware sensing, inference and actuation for applications in Energy and Healthcare.

Measurement to Management

Improved Water Use efficiency and Agricultural productivity through Experimental Sensor Network 

Remote Health

A Framework for Healthcare Services using Mobile and Sensor cloud Technologies


Groundwater Irrigation Disease Sensing System


Development of effective Wireless Sensor Network system for water quality and quantity monitoring