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Communication Assisted Road Transportation System

Road traffic congestion is world-wide issue today. The issue needs specific attention in developing countries. Our goal in this project is to create an overarching communication framework that can help ease congestion, while also making it much easier for consumers to use public transportation systems. Our framework will alleviate road traffic issues using information gathered from and disseminated via mobile phones.

We will particularly address the following aspects:

(1) Sensing techniques: We will develop mobile-phone based sensing techniques, test them under various (chaotic) road conditions, and optimize them for metrics such as the mobile’s power consumption. We will also develop and enhance on-road static sensing techniques.
(2) Information gathering & dissemination: We will develop and use a flexible and scalable information framework: content centric networking, to collect the information centrally, via 3G,WiFi & SMS, as well as disseminate it to interested users.
(3) Deducing information: We will explore the application of machine learning techniques to deduce information from the gathered sensor data, and also develop techniques for identification and elimination of noise/malicious data in crowd-sourced information.


Our overall architecture for CARTS is shown in Fig. 1.

The design & evaluation will be based on a prototype and test deployments on roads in Mumbai and Chandigarh. The CARTS prototype will consist of the following:

(1) Data collection, crowd sourcing infrastructure: This will consist of fixed sensors (such as the Wireless-Across-Road system), video surveillance cameras, smart-phone based sensors in commuters’ smart-phones. It will also consist of the communication infrastructure in terms of 3G, Bluetooth, WiFi, etc.

(2) Data gathering & dissemination: We will have a server based CCN framework prototype, to gather the data, as well as to disseminate it. Information dissemination will include IP connections, as well as SMSbased delivery for dumb-phones.

(3) Data processing: The aggregated data will be processed in the server based cloud infrastructure.

 The project deliverables will be in terms of the following

  • Algorithms and prototype implementations for various sensing techniques using smart-phones as well as on-road, including smart-phone apps on platforms such as Android/iOS
  • Prototype of the CARTS architecture, including the content centric network, and content delivery
  • End-to-end example applications using the CARTS system, developed in terms of smart-phone (Android/iOS) as well as dumb-phone apps
  • Publications at leading conferences and journals, PhD theses, MTech & BTech projects

IIT Bombay
PEC University of Technology Chandigarh


For more details, check the project website.

Principal Investigators
Prof. Bhaskaran Raman, IIT Bombay Link to homepage
Divya Bansal, PEC University Link to homepage